Little Bit Update on

Hello my friends I hope you be alright, and in this day I was made a change of my blog design. I hope my new design will easier to be read all of my post. So if you still find any bugs in this blog, don’t be hesitate to contact me, and I will happy to fix it.

And on this design I still use MyApril theme, I just make a little bit changes on some areas. I also remove my wide banner image on the sidebar and replace it with square banner 125 x 125 px. Do you interest to put your square banner (125x125px), contact me for more detail.

So Enjoy my New Blog Design and Cheers


  1. Terdaftar di “Sandbox Designs Competition”…

    Akhirnya kuku-jempol (thumbnail) foto saya (narsis- mode:On) terpampang di halaman peserta Sandbox Designs Competition. Hari ini ada 31 peserta yang terpampang di halaman tersebut, namun mungkin pesertanya lebih dari itu dan WordPress theme yang disubm…

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