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The internet has been around for quite a while now, but its true capacities never cease to amaze us. Back in the day, when the World Wide Web was first born, few people had access to what was then an exclusive online world of simple HTML websites with clunky graphics and unsightly layouts. Nowadays, virtually everyone is connected to the information superhighway, and you are virtually a nobody if you don’t have a website!

LogoBee Website
LogoBee Website

LogoBee is a one of the very first online logo design companies. You could say it has grown with the web. It has experienced a fascinating evolution over the years. LogoBee is a company that has moved with the times, and still keeps doing so. Over 10 years ago, back when LogoBee was only getting started, logo design was being used primarily for letterheads, shop fronts and product packaging. Today, those services are still required, but the internet boom has a lot to answer for. Most people will, before visiting a physical store, research the products and services that they want to buy online, so it stands to reason that if you’re going to be a success on the Net, you need an attractive, memorable and easy to use website that your customers will remember and visit time and time again.

LogoBee’s logo designers are all highly talented artists, whose creative ideas will very often originate from something as simple as a telephone pad doodle, or an artist’s sketch pad. However, where the tools of the designer’s trade were once pens and pencils on paper, in the modern, internet-enabled society these days they work extensively with computer-based technology to transform their paper or canvas-based ideas into a versatile 3D or digital reality that can be used and manipulated online.

Custom Webdesign on LogoBee
Custom Webdesign on LogoBee

LogoBee’s custom logo design works well as a standalone purchase to augment your website, but the company also offers custom web design. So before you order simple logo design, keep in mind that the best marketing campaigns are those that are integrated and complete in their scope. So be consistent and have LogoBee design your entire website — you won’t regret it.

Custom Logo Service on LogoBee
Custom Logo Service on LogoBee

Besides, if you don’t have the funding necessary for custom logo design, you can always check out LogoBee’s logo design templates section, which contains a large assortment of free premade logos! You could also pay a minimal sum to have one of those premade logos customized for you by LogoBee’s design team, or even removed from the gallery to ensure your logo remains perfectly unique despite not being custom-made.

In summary, this logo design company based in Montreal, Canada, is worth a look for all your logo, web, stationery, and other design needs.

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