Make Live Better? Say “NO” to Drugs

The many campaigns had continued to advise with people that the catch of drugs does not have any good effect. Only bad impressions. Drugs affect the person taking it, her family, and her life. It is however absolutely powerful destructive.

Being a drug addict is being selfish. They have to think that they are hurting their bodies and if they are married with kids, they could stop for a while and think if taking drugs is worth it.

In Indonesia, those caught taking drugs will be sent to drug rehabilitation centers so they can get professional counseling and get cured. There is also another drug rehabilitation at Stone Hawk. It is interesting because the people running Stone Hawk were once addicts themselves. So, they know what it’s been like and what they went through. Thus, they are able to help other drug addicts as well.

Stone Hawk is supposedly the most successful drug treatment program in America. That’s great! This means that they really sincere and are devoted towards helping the patient and worried.


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