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In order to survive on the internet, one has to be creative and come up with ideas, especially when you a small business.The more unique the idea, the better the chances of success. Worldlabel, a manufacturer of labels continues to be innovative. We covered them before when they launched there free label printing templates which speeds up label making.

Wordlabel Screenshot
Wordlabel Screenshot
Now they have launched a complete Moving label kit which will organize your boxes for confusion free moving. The truth is moving is not fun. It’s a pain in the butt and often brings about more stress than it really should. It’s something we all have to do at some point in our lives — and some of you may end up moving many time in ones life. Even the most organized person can fall apart and lose things when trying to pack, move and then unpack all of their valuable possessions. The folks at WorldLabel have come up with a simple solution that can save you time and get all your boxes organized and labeled.

You’ll find labels included to help you designate which room each box goes into along with spaces for box contents. Also included is a master list, Fragile labels, This Side Up labels, To and From labels (in case you need to ship any items) and more. Once you fill them in, you can print them right from home using standard-sized letter paper of any type.

Printing label can always be problematic, here on the Worldlabel blog they have a great article on Laser Labels and everything need to know which will help you not only print these labels for your move, but all types of label printing jobs.

The moving label kit Features:

  • Download free moving label templates.
  • Labels and Tags for each room and situation.
  • Customize labels by changing font type and size.
  • Fragile, Handle Glass Labels
  • Complete instructions and tips on how to use labels efficiently.
  • Includes a master packing list.

Download your free Moving Label Kit


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