Microsoft will Remove Middle Finger Emoticons from Skype

A new policy seems to be imposed on the users of Microsoft’s Skype application. Through the latest update, some emoticons that was initially considered to indicate an offensive stance has now been officially removed by Microsoft. One is a middle finger emoticon.

skype emoticon from microsoft

Microsoft did not officially announced this new policy. But the Skype community manager has said it briefly in the Skype forums. Deletion was made because the company considers that some emoticons are too offensive.

Emoticons along with its short code has been erased with 6:14 update. Microsoft parties could bring back the offensive emoticons. Parties Microsoft also provides a special thread in the Skype forums are intended to provide support for the return of the some offensive emoticons. Interestingly, despite deleting some offensive emoticons, emoticons there are also other possibilities would have a similar effect. Among these are the emoticons that show off the butt or vomiting.

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