Migration Finish but Not Yet Complete

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This blog, was succesfully migration from old server to the new one, I hope after migration. Will make this blog more better and no errors found again.

Just few Note, I has found a error on my New WordPress 2.1.3, everytime page need call post.php my page will give error like this.

Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/.crumb/jauhari/ on line 1057

Anybody found this error too? Anybody can help me?

Thanks before and welcome to WordPress 2.1.3 :)

Written by Jauhari
This is me Nurudin Jauhari. Just human like you, I come from Gunungkidul, small place at Yogyakarta, Living in Malang 1998-2004 and Today I live at @DesaPonjong Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta. I was born 30/04/1980 in Ponjong, small village in Gunungkidul, Almost my time in 1 - 15 Years stay at this Village. More Profile

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4 Replies to “Migration Finish but Not Yet Complete”

  1. That error is caused by the max_execution_time setting in php.ini

    If you own the server or if the host provide custom php.ini it’s easy to change – default is 30 seconds, change it to something bigger.

    I had this error years back when posting, and it was caused by too many ping urls in the “writing” option. It takes time to ping many services and in the end if execution is more than 30 seconds it’ll halt but your post should already be in the database.

    I chose to remove some of the less important / less popular ping services.

    Good luck! :d

    1. I was try to increase my max_execution_time to 600 and the problem still show in my blog,

      So I try to find what wrong with my Blog, and I think the problem on my import from old server

      WordPress Import is good and when I try to import to my blog server running good, but I miss something. I not yet configure my blog permalinks, so when my old blog import to my new blog, the permalink become

      And this not good on my new server, it make my new server double process and make my server error :D

      So I decide to import again, but before do that I setup my permalink and after success setup permalink

      I begin import and done.

      But thanks for your feedback ady :)

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