Mind talk, local Social media, ready for Global expansion

Mind talk now present to provide alternative media by social areas. Mind talk was developed for other. Under the red and white flag incubator, social media is finally off status inquiring after one year away. In his performance, the social media is a craze among community base. Penchant users are then summarized in a # channel. Users, free to make the forum more appealing visually, clearly for founder Mindtalk.com to allow users Mind talk also provides mobile applications.

Good for android platform; blackberry, iOS, nokia asha, windows phone 7, windows phone 8 to java. Mind talk also managed to become one of the first local application recommended by the google, google chrome web store through them. In its initial release yesterday, Mindtalk.com also introduced a new look user profile pages. If the previous page using a single stream, like other social media services. Now, mind talk provide a new stream view option called “fluid dynamic”. This view is further highlight art and stream flow dynamics. Since activated in December 2011, a beta version mindtalk.com has netted more than 180 thousand users from 190 countries.

Going forward, mind talk even planning to expand its services out of you. In the near future, will be made mind talk Singapore edition (mindtalk.sg) and Malaysia (mindtalk.my). mind talk that special costumes for the State of the State is deliberately made to feel more local in the State of the Country. America market and brazil union became the next target. This evidence mindtalk.com readiness to accomplish the mission with the aim of go-global, competing with local and international social sites, mindtalk.com present with optimism to prove the quality of this nation. “Of love did we feel doubts about Indonesia because many people doubted the ability of the nation itself”.

Alongside the launch of the site mind talk, handed over the award also mindtalk.com today’s hero to the nation who have achievements worldwide. There are 12 categories of science & tech, games, books & literature, sports, music, automotive, advertising & marketing, fashion, art & creative, photography, education, and movie. With this award, mind talk invites us to realize the potential of the nation, too proud, and support it. Viva Indonesia.


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