Move data to a new computer and iPad

ios deviceCreate your iOS device owner, you can move the data without having to remove the content from iPad or other Apple product. Simply by utilizing sync iTunes library facility that supports virtually all platforms. In other words, you do not need to use an external hard drive to transfer data to a new computer iOS devices. Stay connect both devices using an Ethernet crossover cable, and let iTunes move your data with ease.

Sync your iOS device
Connect the iPad and iOS devices to your old computer for the last time and open the iTunes application. Right click on the name of the device that you connect and select sync. When the process is complete, remove your iOS device.

Finding the folder
Select edit> preferences (Windows) or iTunes> preferences (MAC). Click advanced, then specify the location of the folder you want to copy is not iTunes (iTunes Media).

Size matters
Open the folder or Windows Explorer and find the location of the iTunes folder. Then right click on the iTunes folder and select get info or properties to see the size of the folder.

Copy folder
Make sure the file size and hard drive or flash is enough to copy the iTunes folder. Then copy the iTunes folder into it. When finished, remove the hard drive or flash disk from your old computer to the new computer.

Find the itunes folder
On your new computer, find the location of the iTunes folder, as you did in step two. Then close iTunes, if you already have iTunes media folder computer applications. Then you can move your iTunes folder to prevent the files overwritten.

Open itunes
Now copy the iTunes folder from your storage area was to the right place where we set earlier in step five. When it is copied, open iTunes, then all the media files you have available there.

Settings tweek
If you enter any other media on the old computer, then enter the iTunes on the new computer. And through the preference menu, click on the device and check the box to prevent the box sync automatically. And make sure the data on your iOS device is not erased when connected.

Pair your device
Now connect your device and click the Apps tab. Then the box will sync checked, indicating far all goes well. Do not sync before, but right click on the iOS device in the left panel and then choose the backup.

If you sync your media automatically on your old computer then, verify the settings under a new library on the computer. Because when you sync everything will be lost and you will lose data from iOS.

Backup your computer
Now all you have transferred to the new computer and it is synchronized with your iPad. And this is the perfect time to backup your Mac or PC. If you are using MAC OS X click menu and select the time machine back up now.

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