Mozilla Firefox 3 Sucks ?

Lately I found my Mozilla Firefox 3 that I have Installed on my Ubuntu Intrepid (8.10) running very slow and sometimes it can’t opened the website. Of course I always had a backup browser Opera 9.6. I didn’t search what’s going on with my Firefox because I think its my new Ubuntu problem after upgrading from Hardy to Intrepid.

This morning I’m doing my regular activity “Blog Walking” through ghacks and find out what happened with my Firefox lately. He talk about managing the Mozilla Firefox Plugins. Well I think it might be the main problem whay my Firefox run very slow.

firefox add ons

Yes, my Firefox has too many Plugins and Add Ons, now its time to simplify and make it faster then before and become my Favorite Browser again.


  1. wah harus banyak belajar disini… betul betul cakep themesnya… juga content nya… makasih mas, aku pake themes MyApril Reloaded

  2. I am running Ubuntu 8.10 with Opera 9.62. After reading this article, I just realised I have so many plugins installed on my Firefox. Thanks for the info, really appreciate it. :):))

  3. I am just trying this out there are too many plugins you are right.But what sucks the most about firefox in ubuntu is theat it forgets my passwords for forums and thing i use quite rarely.I am also careful deleting my history so i know I did not delete them

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