Navigaton apps, QWERTY or touchscreen do you like?

The development of mobile devices at this time is quite significant. This is evidenced by the existence of different variants of each these mobile devices. In addition, some of the products they release are also equipped with various modern technologies to facilitate when user in using features and facilities that exist on these devices. Some of the most prominent feature of a mobile device is it a smartphone or tablet is usually located on the navigation system they use. Currently, almost all mobile devices use touchscreen technology and also a QWERTY keyboard. Both of these technologies do provide convenience for the users.


But often you feel confused to make choices, what is the best navigation and easy to use? I think it depends on each user device. But if you look, the comparison between the two applications, the touchscreen facility still seems to be the best option for some mobile device manufacturers; of course this is not apart from the convenience of these features when used. As for other features that exist on the QWERTY, I think also no less interesting to try. With a view that is quite flexible, a QWERTY keypad is usually more dominant is used to write an SMS and several other mobile activities.

When viewed from the visual display, touchscreen applications are easier to use, this can be you know after trying the technology. You only need a few touches of a finger, then the various features and facilities that exist in the home screen you can open. Touchscreen application uses the resistive and capacitive technology, which is a technology that works based on the light sensor and also touch on the screen surface. But the lack of technology is usually located on the applications you normally use to send SMS, especially for writing due to lack of effective and efficient when compared with manual touchpad.

QWERTY keyboard
Although it looks simple, but the QWERTY technology is one pioneer of the various applications use “mini mobile computers”, in which the functions of a computer keyboard you can use on mobile devices with very small size. Some products are quite famous also still loyal to use this application. One drawback of this technology is usually located on the keypad size is too small; making it less convenient if used by those who have a finger size is large enough.


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