New iPod nano with Multi Touch and more …

Apple on September Event 2010 announce new line up on iPod family (iPod shuffle, iPod nano and iPod touch) I’m not explain more detail about this, you can check more details about New iPod Family 2010.

iPod nano 6th Generation Picture

That I want to share and ask to all of you is about iPod nano, on my 5th Generation iPod Nano there are Camera and Video feature, I can take movie using my iPod nano 5th Gen and also watching my favorite music or movie video on my iPod nano 5th Generation.

But why on iPod nano 6th generation this feature is gone? I know new iPod 6th Generation much smaller than 5h Generation, Battery usage much better, Multi Touch Display is amazing. But why Apple remove Video and Camera featured? The Other things that I know that miss is Game. I have 3 game pre installed on my iPod nano 5th Generation and on iPod nano 6th Generation there are no mention about Game on iPod nano.

The best I know so far that we got on new iPod nano

  • Multi Touch
  • Multi Display Home Screen
  • Custom Home Screen
  • Genius Mix
  • Fitness
  • FM Radio
  • Accessibility
  • iTunes
  • Music
  • Better Battery live (24 hour play music)

Whatever, I want to say big thank to Apple Inc. You did it again create nicely update you iPod family… but why you remove old features on iPod nano 5th Generation


  1. It appears that all the Apple products, including the iPod Nano, iPod Touch, iPad etc., al, all add one or two more elements with each release. Perhaps the Nano will get the Touch games features in the next release. Sooner or later these gadgets will also come with solar chargers. Until then, it’s an add your own system.
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