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In managing the facebook page, we know there is one feature of facebook to organize and view the number as well as the facebook fan page graphics, the features is Facebook Insights. Now facebook page insights appear in a new look that is very different from the previous ones. Now they ‘ve added a feature that not only show the picture, but all the comparisons in the form of figures and graphs.

best facebook insightSome of the new features that emerge as we can know when or on what day and at any hour of our fans mostly do online activities with a number of fans listed in the chart. Then there’s the Best Post Types, in this feature, we can know what post the most preferred by many fans, whether it’s status or photo with the ratio of the number of fans reach, clicks and post likes, comments and shares over a period of 1 week.

Not only that, we also can know whether the sources like, comment or share is already a fan or not because in the facebook insight, can be seen clearly in total likes and comes from sources like fans or non – fans. With this feature, admin can adjust the type and status of what sounds most appealing to fans in order to get high engagement from fans.

Then came also the amount of growth organically fans, fans acquired by the ad, unlike the page number in the can by the end of the net is all it likes and not just a graphic image alone, but clearly stated the number and percentage of likes. Then the Benchmark feature where the admin can compare ad performance over time, so it can evaluate the performance of fanspage. Not only compare the graphs the number of visitors, but also can compare the amount of activity per period.

With some new features on facebook this insight, the admin will be very helpful in evaluating and selecting fans. Things that were previously difficult to do because of facebook marketers must perform tests and estimates only.

But while behind the more clear and detailed insight on the part, there is one part on the facebook page insights that have not been updated from the facebook team that file and export data. On export the data itself is still not updated and still difficult to read because it contains in-depth data are not yet available in the data provider of the upper level which is provided in the web version.

Written by The Master
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