Nokia wireless charging plate (the battery simply by placing the phone)

nokia charging plateThe process of charging the battery of a mobile phone, usually a special connector must connect to the charger port is available on a mobile phone. However, with the presence of new technologies, mobile device enough to put it on a particular device. One gadget that has the ability like this is nokia wireless charging plate. Accessories was launched to complement the latest nokia smartphone, one of which is lumia920. Nokia wireless charging plate design is quite minimalist, and supported trendy colors to suit color cover smartphones.

The dimensions are approximately 120 x 60 x 11 mm and weighs 93 grams. The material used by these accessories are free from material biominated flame retardants, PVC and nickel. In addition, the packaging also uses environmentally friendly materials. To inform the process of charging the battery, nokia wireless charging LED indicator plate is supported. As for the additional specifications, these accessories are equipped with a cable length of 1.8 meters plus 2.5 mm connector. While to power on its own, accessories supports output voltage 12.0 V, 300 mA charger input and the input voltage around 100-240 V AC, 50-60Hz.

Ipod touch 5th generation music player capable of slick
This gadget along with iphone 5. Interestingly, this latest generation ipod touch has a sleeker design structure and lighter than the series 5th generation ipod touch is Only about 6.1 mm and weighs only 88 grams. New generation ipod touch is powered processor similar to that of iphone 5, the dual-core A5. Similarly, the OS version, the same as the iOS smartphone latest apple 6. For features, the 5th generation iPod touch is equipped with features SIRI, blutooth 4.0, airplay, and a loop, a similar bracelet belonging wifi device, for ease in holding it. At the front facetime HD camera attached, which is positioned above the 4 inch retina display (16:9 aspect ratio).

Meanwhile, on the back perch iSight camera 5 MP (1080p) with aperture of f2 / 4, sapphire crystal lens and LED flash. As a result, new ipod touch is not just the regular music player. Ipod touch will be available in several attractive choice of colors, namely red, blue, yellow, white and black. And, will begin to release in October next, with a tag of 299 USD or Rp 2.87 million (32GB) and 399 USD or Rp 3.8 million (64GB).

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