nVidia Decide Not to Focus on Smartphone Segment

Competition in the smartphone market today is tight. Most also offer products at low prices. Under these conditions, some large companies that offer quality products and high prices was forced to step aside. One is NVidia.

nvidia processor for smartphones

NVidia CEO Jen – Hsun Huang also revealed that his statement in an interview with CNET. He said that his company was no longer going to focus on the smartphone segment. He also realized that the smartphone is the best market at a price.

Here, he realized that his company less competitive. Moreover, they also have to adjust the quality offered by the selling price. An example is the latest processors from NVidia, namely Tegra 4i and Tegra 4  are less popular in the market today. Far less than the Qualcomm or MediaTek.

Instead, Huang said that the company would be focusing on other markets, including being a gaming device. Not to forget, she also mentioned as a potential business smart that can be developed.

As we know, the segment for the hardware, especially the processor is more dominated by a few large vendors who already understand the market that will be addressed. With so many mobile applications that need accommodation on a device that is flexible, of course this is a challenge for the producers.

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