Optimizing RSS feeds

Probably a lot less than we optimize our feeds of blogs to find the traffic or backlinks as well. One of them is because we generally only oriented to the article, so often we forget about the feed problem. Yet if we browse, it feeds as well play a part in helping us to find backlinks blog or accelerate the process of indexing the blog for search engines. One way to optimize the feed is a way to submit your blog to various search engines or directory / social bookmarking, either automatically or manually.

Plus because of lack of popularity of the feed, this is caused by our habit to directly access the blogs that we’re going to read a recent article that the blog feed as fewer notes. Most of the readers of a blog only subscribe to their favorite blogs or websites, so they can read the latest articles directly via feed reader like google reader to read the latest articles without having to access the blog that they were going.

I also often subscribe to read the latest news and articles from blogs I like. I just do not use Google reader or the like, but I subscribe to the feed via opera mini, so if you want to read the news I just saw your blog feeds through the facility. From my explanation above, it indirectly feeds can be used to look for traffic. Especially when I read the article only partial feeds, and to read the whole article, you must access the blog in question. So forth, so that really helps our RSS feed which has a blog to increase the number of visits, where this is very useful to get backlinks quickly and well qualified.






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