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Currency Conversion

They always have new improvement. Oh.. wonderfull engine. Let Goooooogle!

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MIT Blog Survey

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50 Coolest Websites 2005

Do you there :-/

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Never translate IT terms into Bahasa Indonesia.

Ohh my friends you send me this? Do you know why? Because it’s dangerous, especially when it is taught...

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Do you Flickr?

Saya sudah menggunakan Flickr hampir satu taun, sebelum layanan ini di beli sama si Yahoo! Trus terang Flickr suatu...

Jun 27 · 15 sec read >

$1 amnesty for pirated software

What about this? Microsoft has reached a deal with Indonesia over the tens of thousands of pirated versions of...

Jun 10 · 17 sec read >

Background on Regular Expressions

I got from Macromedia DEVNET great resources about REGEX The origins of regular expressions date back to the 1950s...

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