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Mozilla Firefox 1.5 Memory Leak on My Notebook

I can’t talk to much right know, but this so difficult to say, that my favorite browser eat all...

Mar 24 · 13 sec read >

See you Google result in the mirror

Go to It’s so funny =))

Mar 14 · 2 sec read >

I don’t know why? but They Switched!

Wow I not yet find the information resource why and what, BCA the major Bank in Indonesia switch their...

Mar 12 · 26 sec read >

My PersonalDNA

Do this test and get You PersonalDNA. This nice test from And this my result. How about you...

Mar 10 · 4 sec read >

Yahoo! Open Shortcuts

Wow amazing and wonderfull, Yahoo release they search tool, yes Yahoo! Shortcut this wonderfull, with this shortcut we can...

Mar 8 · 17 sec read >

coComment is my New Social Network

Yes I try this wonderfull system, this will make my comment on arround blog world collected in one place,...

Mar 3 · 9 sec read >

Yahoo! Answer and Internet Explorer 7 beta 2

Wow Yahoo! was release they new service, and amazing this service not supported when run on Internet Explorer 7...

Feb 6 · 24 sec read >