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Another PHP Book.

Start reading PHP & MySQL for DUMMIES pages 168 pages 281 Start reading Secure PHP Development pages 33 Start...

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Mar 24 · 9 sec read >

Learn some Great Code from Google!

Google the one of biggest search engine lauch web about the CODE on GOOGLE CODE Welcome to! I’d...

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Mar 22 · 21 sec read >

Make Firefox Faster

From they write nice article about how to make firefox run more faster Read Full Story

Mar 21 · 3 sec read >

What and Which Your Fave PHP Integrated Development Environment(IDE)?

An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is an entire workspace for developing applications. It includes a programming editor as well...

Mar 17 · 1 min read >

Increase Traffic to Your Blog from Search Engines
The Top 5 Tips

Nice post from Blog-Maniac If you haven’t already submitted to blog directories, you are missing out on some great...

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Mar 16 · 17 sec read >

Jauhari on Yahoo! and Google

I try to search my nice word :) “Jauhari” and I get interesting result from Yahoo and Google. Still...

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Mar 15 · 4 sec read >

Muhammad Rayhan Zulqarrnayn

Yes this nice name, my first friends children. Congratulation to Andi “Lubab”. The JUNIOR was RISING. I hope this...

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Mar 14 · 6 sec read >