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Got nice article form Jakob Nielsen The URL will continue to be part of the Web user interface for...

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Be Different?

Warna Dunia Website This Screen Shoot take on Friday 14:30 01/04/2005

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Rest in Peace (RIP)

From our family maling list. Telah berpulang dengan tenang Nomor Telepon 522569 (0274) an. Ahmad Muttaqin. Setelah mengabdi selama...

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Happy Weekend Everyone

I hope you enjoy all this weekend with new brain, new idea. See you again on next day…..

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Another PHP Book.

Start reading PHP & MySQL for DUMMIES pages 168 pages 281 Start reading Secure PHP Development pages 33 Start...

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Learn some Great Code from Google!

Google the one of biggest search engine lauch web about the CODE on GOOGLE CODE Welcome to! I’d...

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Make Firefox Faster

From they write nice article about how to make firefox run more faster Read Full Story

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