The rise of the mobile phone game has been a surprising one. They have recently moved from being just a casual gaming platform that no one paid much attention to, to one that is challenging consoles. Who saw that coming?

From your basic puzzle games such as Sudoku and tic-tac-toe, or card games to rival those on partypoker de, the Android market has been filled with extra options to cater to the tastes of everyone. One style of game that has had a surprising amount of popularity (although this shouldn’t be surprising) is the physics-based game. They simulate real-life in the manner of mass, density and gravity, all of which impact the outcome of the game.
Let’s have a look at some of the most popular:

Paper Toss – One of the earlier games in the new generation, this one requires you to throw a crumpled piece of paper into a trashcan with a flick of your finger. Sound simple? Guess again. There are different speed fans and settings that make your goal tricky. Determination will soon get the better of you.

Angry Birds – The most popular physics game on the market, you need to angle the bird-clad sling shot just so, in order to hit those pesky green pigs and bring down the structure they sit on for more points. There is a trick to the angle. Too low and the birds hits the floor. Too high and he flies over instead of into the structure.

Tilt 3D Labyrinth – The concept is simple. Reminiscent of the tiny mazes you used to guide the ball around, to plop into the circle in the centre, it has been recreated for Android. Frustratingly realistic, there are a decent amount of puzzles to choose from.

Warning: make sure you have nothing else to do later before you play these games. You will become absorbed into the challenge very quickly indeed.