Playing Backgammon Online

Backgammon Board

Nowadays many ancient or old games that played a long time ago and becomes the history can be found in the Internet. You can see puzzles, there are many kind of puzzle we can found as a Video game or PC with some application to made of. They can be more creative and can make alot of model in this games. Another game like chess, even a Garry Kasparov thoughts and the style can be created by software.

I believed you already know about Backgammon and how to play it. This is an ancient games that already played in Romans about 600AD and its called “Ludus Duodecim Scriptorum“. Today, people gone crazy with technology, so everything can be places in a single PC to play all of those games. The Online Backgammon can be found in the Internet easily and you can play it directly from there.

The basic rules was not different with the ancient version, but modification of the tools board and the dice has proven of peoples creativity. Now, you can earn some cash with playing Backgammon Online. People who played Backgammon Online in the Internet will deposit their money to play on and they can widthraw it when thay won the games. So, what do you know about other ancient games that haven’t created as Online Games ?


  1. I wish somebody can also produce some local Asia game also such as ‘Gasing’, ‘Tuju Selipar’ and the battle of the Wau. That must be great rite? 😀

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