Predictions on Google’s next moves

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Are you a Google Fans? What are your prediction for Google’s next moves? It’s almost the end of 2007. May be Google Team are creating list for 2008 Resolutions now :D

ComputerWorld.Com predicts that Google may gives you a free Desktop Google PC by only watching some ads every now and then. Then after working with your Google PC, you can relax yourself by watching YouTube videos on Google TV and of course some Google Ads between each shows. If you back to your work and found your Google PC is freezing, you should reinstall your PC with Google Operating System.

Sounds interesting huh?

Written by Arief Fajar Nursyamsu
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  1. What will be interesting is “what yahoo and microsfot would respond to google?”…google seemed to eat up all the number in the dotcom pie…and now they move to telecomm with android. Mas Jau, i suggest you should build a very good website and wish those big fishes buy your website…:d, then you can retire young and retire rich…(learning from Youtube bought by google, feedburner bought by yahoo etc etc…) :-?

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