Prevent bad influence of Smartphone for Child’s

smart phone for childrenToday, Smartphone are no longer premium goods. Almost all people use it, including children. Smartphone including facilities in it, can be described as two blades. On the one hand, can be used to facilitate a variety of jobs. But on the other hand, it could also damage the fabric of life. On the positive side, a variety of educational information can be easily obtained online through Smartphone. Good to help him finish school work, or just as general knowledge. While the downside, many examples of cases arising from misuse of Smartphone functions, such as photo or video porn spreads in cyberspace. What if the contents are accessed by minors? it is certainly going to upset the parents.

So, how to protect children from bad things technological advances presented in a Smartphone? The most reasonable approach is to give a true and proper guidance related to the use of Smartphone, as well as avoiding adult content that can be easily accessed via Smartphone. For immediate protection, a password can be a way for adult content on the Smartphone, including the browser and limiting online access. In addition, you can also take advantage of various parental control applications, one of which is kidlogger.

Application for Android-based Smartphone can be used to monitor all activities of the child in his Smartphone, from your phone, SMS, internet access, e-mail to any application that used it. With this service, you can monitor the activity of the child without having to open the child’s Smartphone. Because, the process can be done online. Requirement, you must have an account on and waged a few adjustments.

Following step:

  1. Download the application and kidloggerkeyboard.apk kidlogger.apk of, then install it to the phone.
  2. Run the application. Tick all the info you want monitored.
  3. Register your device ID that you created on the site in the “upload log files”.
  4. Click the “send test report” to try to process monitoring data. Back to the start menu and allow applications to operate in the background kidlogger.
  5. To see a list of events log what has been done in the Smartphone, log in to your account via a browser PC.
  6. Select a Smartphone device and click logs. Following view, it will bring up all of what activities will be undertaken, ranging from web browsing, file, application, text message, voice record to use as well (Maps).

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