Prince of Persia

Game “Prince of Persia” for you certainly is not foreign, especially for those who like adventure game. Since it is very popular, the game is almost there on all types of mobile games with adventurers theme. Latest series of Prince of Persia comes with a theme of “The Forgotten Sands”. This Game play is similar to several previous series. Players will jump between the wall actions. With the help of semi-automatic system, so players can more easily pass through obstacles and do not need to repeat from the beginning level. Players simply press the button “up” to jump upwards, where the maneuvers of this kind can also be made diagonally.

Now the main character in this game has the character of a servant, ie a woman named Elika. These figures will help the action of the main characters, but only to a certain level only. For the category of games that uses the theme of adventure, Prince of Persia relatively easy to play. In its latest version, the ability of the main characters played by some characters, so this game becomes more exciting for you to play, for example online.

This game followed the existing settings on the film, using the Middle Eastern background. Launching the game with the latest series, expected to be more turn dominance games that contain adventure, so hopefully with the game’s mobile application also has support, so it will be more fun if you play this game on your phone.



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