Profil Lengkap Lee Tae-Sun Pemeran Na Yeon-Soo (Entertainer 2016)

Salah satu Pemeran Drama Korea Entertainer Lee Tae-Sun sebagai Na Yeon-soo bermain cukup bagus di Serial Drama Korea Terbaru ini.

Lee Tae Sun di Entertainer memang tampil memukau. Dan berikut ini adalah Profil Lengkap dari Lee Tau Sun.


Profil Lee Tae Sun

Nama: 이태선 / Lee Tae Sun / Lee Tae Seon
Profesi: Aktor
Tanggal Lahir: 30 November
Tempat Lahir: Korea Selatan

Perlu diingat Lee Tae Sun dan Lee Tae Sung adalah dua aktor yang berbeda, keduanya sama-sama dari Korea Selatan.

Drama Korea Entertainer adalah Drama Korea pertamanya.

Lee Tae Sun New Photos
Lee Tae Sun New Photos

Walaupun Drama Korea Entertainer (2016) ini adalah Drama Pertama Lee Tae Sun ini, tapi sudah banyak penggemar yang jatuh hati dengan aksi mainnya. Seperti dituturkan salah satu penggemar Lee Tae-Sun dibawah ini

Komentar Hera Manalon Tentang Lee Tae-Sun


I cant really believe that you are a newbie.. you are a brilliant actor for me,you made me cry in your scenes with CHAN HEE.. hope to see you in a lot of drama series in the near future.. fighting!!

you can make it on TOP! im 100% sure with your ability to portray your role you can be a HALYU star! KEEP it up i will always here to support you ❤ stay healthy

Komentar Resya Tentang Lee Tae-Sun

he’s so charming,I hope to see you in another drama,I hope to see you in movie and variety show,fighting

Komentar Reenie Tentang Lee Tae-Sun

What an impressive first tv performance. I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot of this young man in the future. Way to go!

Komentar  Merong Tentang Lee Tae-Sun

Kinda dissapointed when i googled about him to know that this is his first drama cus i need to watch more of him!!

I like it when he was giving a fatherly smile to his son(in the drama) and his acting in is just daebak for a rookie actor. I need him to play the main lead for his nxt drama like RIGHT NOW.


  1. Endar shakisays:

    I like i love i need lee tae-sun.
    Actor yang paling saya suka dalam drama entertainer, baru pertama liat saya langsung jatuh hati sama pemain lee tae-sun.
    Keep strong lee tae-sun i love you so much
    I’am so sory i dont spech english

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