How to put Adsense, is difficult? I think No

make money from blog1According to some people, especially the bloggers, both experienced and new to her blog, many who use blogs as a source of passive income, such as by installing the “Google Adsense”. As we know that for now the Google Adsense program is still the best for the bloggers. But often we see the appearance and placement of Adsense is not in accordance with the theme and also the background of these blogs. For example a combination of background with the background Adsense blog itself. To overcome this, here are some tips that you could try to further maximize your income from Adsense, including:

Select blog template
To select a blog, a lot of theme blog you can get on the Internet, either free or paid. But there is a good idea to choose themes that are SEO friendly. To determine whether the theme is SEO friendly or not, you can find information about these themes through the Internet.

Selection Adsense layouts and backgrounds
There are so many themes to choose from Adsense. To select a theme adsense there are several options, such as links, banners, images, or some kind of adsense can you choose according to your own blog template. Adsense in order to look more integrated with the theme of your blog, then select the theme Adsense cultivated with the type of your blog template, for example between the mix of color and text.

Adsense placement ratio
In order not to fulfill your blog template, try not to put too many Adsense on your Blog, because according to the Adsense TOS, a maximum installation of Adsense for each of page just only three, but if you attach more than three, then the system will not come up your Adsense.


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