RAIDMAX Seiran, the best PC case for gamers

RAIDMAX introduce PC casing specifically intended for gamer’s maniac. PC case provides much convenience for you to play the game, because it is huge, so it can store a variety of games equipment with maximum performance, such as a VGA card with sufficient capacity. In addition, the advantages of the PC case is setup and installation of cables made simpler, making it easier for you to check if one day the damage occurred in the PC. As a PC case specifically intended for gamers, of course PC case from RAIDMAX is equipped with a variety of other supporting facilities, such as the existence of nine units of hard disk bays that can provide maximum performance for playing games with the latest technology.

pc casing seiran

In addition to some adequate supplies, this PC case also comes with some fans that you can customize the rotation, so that the condition of existing hardware inside the casing temperature is maintained, so that it can reduce the heat generated by the hard disk spin. As with a PC case that is quite luxurious, the view from the outside also looks interesting, this is because the part of the PC case is a deliberately transparent to make it easier to know the inside of the PC, if there is damage or not.

To keep the air circulation inside the PC is well maintained, there are two units measuring approximately 120 mm fan which will serve to regulate the circulation of air are alternately or simultaneously, depending on the needs of each individual. Several colors are available for PC RAIDMAX case is in red and black. While for some type casing, there is a color that can be combined, such as white and black colors.


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