Recommended Applications for your Laptop Battery

BatteryCare is an application that was created to optimize the use and performance of batteries in modern notebooks. BatteryCare monitor the battery discharge cycle, and is claimed to increase the lifespan of the battery usage. BatteryCare can be downloaded from the fi le size of 1,096 KB.

BatteryCare Site
BatteryCare Site
  1. Download, extract, and install as usual.
  2. When BatteryCare is active, he will sit in the system tray to display the battery percentage, remaining duration, CPU temperature, and discharge rate.
  3. Next, double-click the icon BatteryCare in the system tray, and click Settings.
  4. Select Power Plans tab, select Automatically check settings in Power Plans, and in the On battery and Plugged in, select power plans in accordance with which you have set in Windows Control Panel. Click Accept.
  5. BatteryCare Control Panel
    BatteryCare Control Panel
  6. Move to the Advanced tab is owned by major feature BatteryCare. He can tell when you have to do the calibration (emptying the battery full). Once the cycle is met, the calibration must be done to the endurance life of the battery. The default value is 30. For more details, see explanation below. bekanntschaft in emmen
  7. Back to the main window, click Detailed Information. Here, you can see in detail how the current condition of the battery. partnervermittlung aus lucerne As in the picture, the notebook’s battery is degraded. thurgau dating germany This is indicated by Total Capacity information that is no longer the same as Designed Capacity.
  8. batterycare information
    batterycare information


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