Recovering Android data

android recovery appsSlightly different from the iphone, android smartphone device can be recognized as other storage media like hard disk or flash disk on the PC. Well, then, you’ll be able to recover lost data using the application in the normal way with the help of data recovery like hard disk, flash disk or the like. In this example, using a PC android applications from Wondershare data recovery. This application can be downloaded at a free trial or paid license (19.95 dollars). How easy use:

  • Once the application is installed, connect your Android to your PC. Then enable USB storage mode of android.
  • Run android apps later data recovery program will detect the location of your android media store. Just click the start button.
  • All files were successfully found by this application will be directly in the show in preview form. You can choose all or any of the files that will be saved. Next click recover button to restore the files to edit.

Restore files from a damaged CD

Download the program here first. way of life is easy:

  • Run the program CD recover toolbox, and select your CD drive to be restored. click next.
  • Determine where the file data recovery will be in place, make sure the size is larger than the data on the CD if you want to reverse any existing file, click next.
  • The process of reading the CD and the recovery will take place, wait a while until the screen appears like this.
  • Select the file which you will return to the way check it. If so, click the save button to save the file to a directory you’ve specified earlier. Up here the recovery process is complete. Easy is not it?

You can also do the same for media other than CD, such as DVD or BluRay. Good luck.

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