Release of iOS 8 May Be Postponed

Some time ago word got out, Apple will introduce iOS update 8 in the annual event Worldwide Developers Conference. The event lasts for 2 to 6 June 2014 in San Francisco. However, it is likely that the release of the latest iOS will be delayed from the original schedule.

ios 8 released

iOS 8 Concept
iPhone and iPad maker was reportedly having difficulty in combining all ugrade features in iOS 8. Thus, the release of a predetermined time Apple will be delayed given the timing of the process is limited.

The main causes of the problem came, as first reported by some milis , is the factor reallocation of resources Apple’s software development staff. Because the staff are also accredited to Apple’s software in the development of the latest Mac operating system, OS X.9. While the operating system is the successor to the Mavericks plan will also be introduced in the WWDC event. It has become a priority of Apple.

One of the features in iOS 8 which may be delayed or not be pinned Apple is upgrading the local transport information in his digital mapping service, Apple Maps. In addition, other features are being cultivated Apple in iOS 8, which is a multi – screen applications. It allows the iPhone screen can be displayed on a screen connected or other Apple devices that have different resolutions, such as the Mac and the iPad.

It remains unclear, too, whether the later Apple will release iOS 8 with modest features or patches. While other features will follow in the next phase of the upgrade, for example iOS 8.1. Or it could be delaying the release of Apple’s iOS 8 to iOS is completely ready with all the latest features are present.

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