Web 2.0 Reality TV, 20th Episode Celebration

Or you can signup the video iTunes to watch in HD about this reality show.

Did you ever ask for yourselves how large the dotcoms became which they is today? Wouldn’t it be impressive to look at their voyage of growth of initial warming-up and to test them difficulties and successes? Spout out the superb creative people behind PayPerPost who captured the paid market of blogging do just that.

What is RockStartup?
RockStartup is an exposure of reality show by the people of PayPerPost where you can see how they function and what they do, in the slides basically. And you will be able to see meetings, eatings, confessionals, contest, crying and more. It is really large to see how they hard they function when we pay by posters rest a moaning just behind.

Personally I really appreciated episode 06 (The X Factor) about Tallahassee here we come! X and the ladies hit the road for the FSU/UF football game. And also episode 13 – High Expectations about X gets a bad omen in the mail…what does it mean?

I am really in waiting to see what they will deliver and go up with afterwards. It is really an exposure of reality which I can observe without patient of feeling afterwards. And since I am in the businesses of IT/Telecom myself, I can really pay with all them rise and swallow!


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