Running and shut down your Mac automatically

Mac is designed so that all users of these products feel the comfort and ease of use of some features in it. Similarly, for some simple applications to run a Mac that works automatically, which with this application you can easily manage the use of Mac in a vulnerable time.

mac energy saverWith this application, you do not need to press the power button or shut down. This application allows the Mac to be activated at a given time. Here are some tips for doing so :

  • Open system preferences
  • Go to the Energy Saver options. In the bottom right corner there is a menu schedule. In this menu you can adjust the schedule as you wish. But it must be done correctly to make it more efficient.
  • In this menu there are two options, start up or wake up and shut down. In this mode you can set when the Mac will turn on and shut down.

Some applications will be closed when it will give the signal, are you sure you want to close the application or not. With this kind of notice we can make choices, whether to continue running the application or not. Such applications are usually more widely used by those who frequently use the computer in an irregular manner, so there should be an application that functions to control the use of these resources.

Usually some of the features available in this kind of application you can get for free, where you do not need to do some settings may cause errors in other applications. But if you want to try it, it would not hurt to apply some of the methods already mentioned above.

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