Sandisk release SSD 2.5-inch Optimus Max Capacity 4TB

Capacity of 4 TB hard drive is already a commonplace, but what if the SSD? SSD is a high-speed drive is often known as a storage device with limited capacity. Well this time SanDisk launches products quite a large capacity disk because it presents a very large capacity SSD that is enterprise-class 4TB Gbps SAS interface in which the new product has a MAX Optimus series which uses 19-nanometer processing technology.

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SSD is expected to replace the 2.5-inch hard drive 10K and 15K RPM because it has a speed SSD sequential read, and write up to 400/400 MB, and random read or write IOPS 75K and 15K. Even SanDisk 5 year warranty for this product their SSD. Even SanDisk plans to release a new product 6TB and 8TB capacity SSD in the coming year.

If you have large data capacity and its need to use as your mobile device in your daily activites, I think this products its suitable for you to try. Using the best and high performance for others product, you can choose some products to compare. Which on is the best to choose for. Now, for many various choice, you should have decide to have ones.

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