Scan documents to use Mobile phones

mobile scanWhen reading a book or magazine in a bookstore or library, you’ll see one or more pages of interest and you want to read at home. What are you doing? Photographing page with your smart phone? Could be, but because of the time taking pictures will be stored in a single file, you need an additional activity, which organizes photo files. Another way is to use application to help make the record, such as Evernote, Catch, camscanner, or pocket, which can run on smart phones. 

But if you also want to share with a friend so he can also directly read, use PaperPort application anywhere. Anywhere PaperPort is a document management application aimed at users in mobile devices, such as family android, iphone, ipod, ipad. Its can be referred to as a form of special services of mobile communication NUANCE, inc. which also released a desktop version called paperpor professional. Although more modest than camscanner, PaperPort anywhere can meet the basic needs of scanned documents. Scan results can be saved to the cloud storage service PaperPort.

This is how to use PaperPort anywhere.

  • First of all, search first PaperPort play anywhere on google or itunes store, download, and run.
  • Shortly after the run, you’ll be prompted to authenticate using the login mechanism. You must have an account on the service PaperPort. Simply tap the sign up button, then input the data required for registration of a new account.
  • Once registered, you will automatically get a new email address matches the address [email protected]. This address is in use to receive or distribute the document to other people. Note, for each new account, you will get 1GB of storage space PaperPort place. If this space was cramped, you can subscribe to the PaperPort biayaUS $ 29.99 for 50GB, or $ 9.99 for 10 GB.
  • PaperPort anywhere will instantly display the main menu right after you login or sign up.
  • To take one picture recording, tap scan from camera menu. Facilities retrieval of camera phones you will immediately be provided.
  • Each finished taking pictures from the camera, PaperPort will provide a simple facility to edit images. Facilities include: rotate the image, select an area of an image to be saved, and color or black and white. To determine the area of the image to be saved, simply slide the orange color of the points. Meanwhile, to make the black and white, just tap the icon to be changed to enhance normal. When you have finished, tap done.
  • Once done you tap, PaperPort will display verification page. On this page, you can still do additional images or documents, or to provide documents related alarms, if you want to edit, delete, or re sc download images, simply tap and hold, then select the phone you want from the pop-up menu that appears .
  • Before preparing or sharing documents, you can rename the file, specify the folder where you are going to use, or determine the label document. Type a name for the label document, and specify the folder where you are going to use to save space.
  • You also can label or tag on the document to tap the Apply button label. Labels will help you when classifying documents based on content and topic groups.

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