Selecting storage media, SSD or HDD

Currently storage capacity is quite varied, as well as the available capacity. If a few years ago, to save some file size is large enough to be hard to do, but not so with the current conditions. You can select multiple storage media with large enough capacity, for example, 250 GB, 500 GB, up to 1 TB. Similarly to the type of storage media. Some commonly used type is the SSD and HDD. Both types of media can you use as needed. But of course, different in quality, so you should really careful in buying both types of storage media.

If we consider, both the storage media is different from the technology used, which for now looks like SSD is more recommended. But this of course depends on our needs each, which we want to use, whether SSD or HDD. Similarly to the available capacity. For now SSD does not have storage for media owned by the HDD, but for some users they prefer a higher quality.

Meanwhile, if viewed in terms of price, SSD are more expensive. This is because the technology used are more modern and also the possibility of damage can be avoided. What about you, whether it’s been using the storage media with this type?


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