Share Wifi Network on Android with QR Code

When you’re in a public place that provide wifi network secured with a password, then you should ask someone who knows the password if you want to connect to the wifi, this old way is inevitably you have to do. Of course, you will not let your friends do the same, you should use a more sophisticated way. If there is a friend asked wifi password, give your friend a QR Code.

What can you do with a QR Code?

QR Code is a method to save specific information in an image. If you know about the barcode, then the QR Code is more complex than that. You can put many types of information in a QR Code, such as normal text, URLs, contacts, and others, including the wifi network configuration.

So, what will you share to your friends is a wifi network configuration, and your friend can be connected to a wifi network instantly.

How to generate a QR Code?

There are several apps to share a wifi network via QR Code, my favorite is the Wifi QR Generator. This application is very easy to use, you can use your saved wifi network, or create a new one. Nothing to be set up, and QR Code will be generated quickly.


What do your friends need?

Your friends must have a QR Code scanner app, you can use QR Droid, because not all QR scanner can recognize wifi configuration information.

In order to work faster, please install WiFi QR Plugin, it has the ability to connect your smartphone with wifi network without having to open the network settings. It’s like an instant connect.

For the owner or manager of a public place, this way will surely liked by the visitors. They also will not hassles, just plug the QR Code on the wall.

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