Sharing files in Mac

Airdrop is a congenital utility Mac OS X operating system that allows you to share files between computers mac via wifi. Actually, you can have the same function, but it is best to airdrop. Unfortunately not all mac support airdrop apps. Macbook airs and mac mini does not support airdrop. But still, you can still download the mac app store, so you can still try out the app drop the mac. Or if you have a mac and have limited long type in making the local network, use the airdrop on your old mac running dngan oerintah terminal. Consider the stages steps to share files via wifi with dim ac airdrop:

  • Open a terminal, run it and then run the restart on your mac.
  • By Flinder, go click on the menu, you will see the airdrop was added to one of the options. You will also be able to find airdrop on the sidebar in the finder.
  • To start a send / share files, click on the menu or from the airdrop finder sidebar. Furthermore, other Mac machines are on the network will appear in the finder.
  • Drag your file to the mac machine contained airdrop, then wait a moment until the mac machine accepts the file transfer request that you do. Users mac machine that you will get the option to send a file save and open option, decline, and save. And vice versa, there is another mac machine on the network will be able to see your Mac on the network and file I can share with you.
  • You can also turn off the apps by running the following command in the your Mac.


If you find it difficult to airdrop application settings, and wish there was a simpler solution, without having to configure any settings, any try send. This app runs in the menu bar and supports keyboard shortcuts. You can submit one or multiple files simultaneously by selecting and copying the file. Mac computers would you send a file to be selected from the app icon located on the menu bar. Consider steps to share files via wifi from the menu bar to send any app.

  • Download any app send from mac app store, precisely in, then run the installation process.
  • So that you can share files between the two systems transmit mac. Make sure both systems are located on the same wifi network. Simply select a file, if the file you select more than one then you will only see a folder icon.
  • Click send any icon on the menu bar, and select the mac would you send the file.
  • On the other hand, received a mac computer users will get a message to accept or reject the file transfer request. He must always click the button to accept the file. The system will record the sender’s computer to the whitelist, so next you can simply send a message without having to wait for confirmation from the recipient computer files.
  • Click the app icon on the menu bar and select preferences to specify various options settings app.
  • Click the Security tab in the preferences window to determine the mac whitelist.
  • Click the Network tab in the preferences window to display notifications when the file is received.
  • Click the General tab in the General preferences window to adjust the sound and animation.
  • Click the shortcut tab in the preferences window, then give a check on open send menu shortcut and open files received to activate shortcut to send any application.

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