Simplenote: The Best Remember Everything for iPhone

Simplenote Apps iconI will try to review iPhone Apps, and today Apps that I will review is Simplenote, this is tiny and extra simple apps, if you ever hear Evernote, this apps similar like that, but this app work locally and easy to sync when we want it.

Simplenote has said, there are ten reason why Simple Note (Access your notes everywhere, Use a growing variety of extras, Organize using tags and pins, Sharing and publishing, Secure transfers and many more)

Simplenote Apps is Freemium Apps, you can use this Apps Free all the time, or you can upgrade it using In-Apps purchase.

Simplenote features
Simplenote features

There are two in-apps available

  1. Simplenote Premium 12 Months$19.99
  2. Ad Removal$4.99

I still use Freemium version and didn’t have any plan to upgrade. Maybe latter. So, what’s you favorite Notes Apps on iPhone? Dowload Simplenote Apps here


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