Some applications are blocked by some Country

One more social media services have been be blocked by the Iranian government. Having previously blocked WhatsApp messenger application because it is considered as part of a Zionist, now they are blocking applications like Instagram. As well as WhatsApp, Instagram is a service owned by Facebook.

instagram for mobile apps

But the reason for blocking Instagram this time not because of the service belonging to the Zionist Zuckerberg. They also say that the Instagram application has violated the privacy rights of existing users in Iran. The Iranian government has also received reports of the violation.

Related to the number of the report, Iran’s Telecommunications Ministry has decided to block the Instagram service. Some local media have also confirmed the presence of Iran blocking that apps. However, there are some Instagram users in Iran are still able to access his account. Most likely the policy has not been effectively enforced by Iran.

According to a report from Softpedia, Instagram become the fourth media of social services that are blocked by the Iranian government. Previously, they had blocked social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Whether because of various reasons which could have a negative impact for the country. But it is time to filter out some content in it is very contradictory.


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