Some reason Why choose a cheap Android Phone?

Choosing a cheap Android smartphones and the best is the dream of all lovers of smartphones, especially Android platform. Cheap is not necessarily cheap, there are some tips for buying or select Mobile Android with cheap price but best quality. There are several reasons people are looking for cheap Android smartphone due to budget reasons, not necessarily by popular brands, and other reasons. Now is the intense competition among Android vendors, each vendor offers cheap Android Mobile with best quality. There are some tips for choosing the best cheap Android smartphone.

cheap android phone

Do not based on the brand
Famous Android vendor yet more expensive, because they have a trademark on the market despite the hard sell in terms of specifications with the brand Android smartphone that is not yet well known. Many brands of good quality cheap Android smartphone vendors such as Samsung, or Chinese Android phone is cheaper than famous brands of Android vendors.

Choose a mid end Android Smartphone 
Android Mid – end or low-end Android price is still affordable for the middle to the size of the bag and fit. This budget problems and want cheap and best price. Do not force yourself to buy a high end Android while your budget is not enough, Mid – End Android can be tips on choosing cheap Android smartphone.

Select Based Requirement Specification
Specification will also affect the price of Android, a mid-end specifications will be more affordable than the high end. In terms of quality specifications price is very decent mid-end smartphone to be your best. Consider the needs of your Android specifications. Select idealized spec mid end Android with specs 1 GB RAM, Processor and 1 GB of Internal Storage to 5 GB and other supporters can customize to your budget.

Specific Android Phone
Of the many Mobile Android your target , choose become smaller to determine the best option according to you, both in terms of price and specifications. This will make it easier to choose Best quality cheap Android phone.

Note Android Warranty
Pay attention to your rights as a consumer, do not be so cheap just because you forgot your Android mobile warranty. It is important for your Android if undesirable things happen.

Choosing Second Hand Android phone
Buying a second smartphone is the solution and tips for getting Android half price, you can search for Android second with the best quality in mobile phone stores, or you could be looking at trading forums such as DJ, trade, good stores or with close friends who want to sell their smartphone, then with these tips you can get a cheap Android to half the price by way of searching for Android second.

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