Streaming from PC to iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi

itunes appsMost iOS users often have difficulties when going to transfer videos from PC to iOS. Fortunately, there are several apps in the Apps store that allows steaming iOS device desktop via WI-FI, one AirAV. in addition to download streaming media from your PC or Mac to your iPhone or iPad, you can transfer most file formats. You do not need to run a complex configuration, just follow the steps the steps below and you can play multimedia files on PC to iPhone and iPad:

  1. AirAV Download from the App store, precisely;
  2. Before you can use the app, you need to enable DLNA on your PC or Mac. It is highly dependent on the media server you should use the money. In most cases, you should turn off the firewall and enable the option allow internet access to home media on the media player, if you use a mac, you should use a media player that has the ability DLNS.
  3. Run the app on the iPhone or iPad after airAV setup on the desktop media player.
  4. Tap on explorer media app on the home screen. Configure your right, you will find the UPnP media server / DLNA. Tap on the name of the media server to display all the folders that have been synchronized with the server computer.
  5. airAV can download streaming videos, music as well. If both devices are on the same wifi network, you can begin to download streaming videos or photos that are in the computer by pressing the file appears listed. airAV will display the files by name, creation date, file format, and a number of other criteria. App will divide the media into different folders based on keywords that are associated with the file.
  6. Image viewer on airAV very simple, with a number of navigation buttons. Music player is also simple. App supports almost all popular video formats, but might have trouble playing HD video. You can solve this problem by going into the app settings menu, and then select the option frame.
  7. In the app settings menu, you can download files from computer to iphone or ipad via wifi. airAV will provide the IP address that you can insert into your PC or Mac browser so that you can upload the file to the iphone or ipad.

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