Tabulet Beat, the best tablet PC with full entertainment features

With a combination of white on the casing, Tabulet Beat is able to provide adequate display of interest to a mobile device, especially tablet PCs. Apart from color combinations quite futuristic, Tabulet beat is also one of several types of tablet PCs that prioritizes multimedia features for entertainment purposes, especially for users who prefer mobile devices over a wide range of entertainment outside the home. Although Tabulet Beat has a screen size that is not too big, but as one entertainment gadget, this product has always put quality color screen used. With super HD technology, you will feel comfortable when using this device to run multiple multimedia features, such as 3D gaming, movie, music player, and several other entertainment features. To support a more optimal performance, some of the features contained in this product are:

DSP Decoding hardware
With this technology, a gadget can be further optimized device function, although there is insufficient hardware to run multiple features at once. As for other facilities, the existence of this hardware can be tailored to the needs, whether it will be used as a whole or only separately.

TF card for TV output
TF card facility allows you to connect Tabulet Beat to another device, such as a television that supports HD audio system technology. Through some settings on the menu, you can easily see a variety of multimedia features on television, especially if the size of television that is used is quite large.

PDF and TFT apps
Through this facility you can open multiple mobile office applications directly without going through other applications; this is because some of the facilities that exist in this product are already in the design such a way as to facilitate the use of some existing facilities. For further explanation about the features and facilities that exist in this product, you can browse the detailed specification of the Tabulet Beat .


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