Slap Bracelet iPod Nano 6th Accessories from Griffin

So you have iPod Nano 2010? New iPod Nano is look like iPod Shuffle but has display. One features on iPod Nano is ability to display Analog Clock on the display. And Griffin, a company behind many accessories for many Apple Gadget (iPod, iPhone, iPad and others) introducing latest funky accessories. Is it iPod nano … Continue reading Slap Bracelet iPod Nano 6th Accessories from Griffin

Cute USB HUB Collection

Do you like to collect cute accessories especially USB things ? Now I will present you several Custe USB HUB from Coolbuzz. I really like these accessories even I'm seeing it by myself but it looks cutes. Indonesia has produced cute gadget like this ? :D I don't think so, perhaps China, Hongkong, Taiwan yes. They like to duplicated (Hijack) to make some profit. All of these gadget is expensives to me according to converted from USD to IDR. But maybe with this information readers from Asia could take a part to make some cute USB HUB like all of this gadget.