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Get ready for Snow Leopard from OSX

Apparently the rumors about Snow Leopard off early become reality. Apple issued a formal announcement about the release schedule for Snow Leopard. Started last night’s Snow Leopard can be ordered through the Apple Store Online.This time, the DVD packaging looks different from the previous packaging, without big X mark. And also the picture in the case was an actual picture.

Snow Leopard can be installed only on Intel Macs processor. Snow Leopard or Mac OS X 10.6 Leopard is the improvements in terms of efficiency, stability and security of the system. It is not significantly changed much, the most obvious is the change in interface QuikTime with black windows.
For those of you who are still using Tiger, you can also upgrade directly to the Snow Leopard by buying a Mac Box Set, containing Snow Leopard, iLife ’09 and iWork ’09. There are no shipping costs, as well as Snow Leopard, if ordered now. If you can not wait to use the Snow Leopard, please order now, while not free postage.

Apple was not anti Microsoft

Do you mac lover and also love almost all the gadget that produce by mac ? I believe you would love this gadget IPhone 3G. Some people said they like IPhone because it’s simple, and that’s the same opinion with me at the first time I saw IPhone. But now, technology growth very fast, there are no simplicity because people are complex subjects and so as the gadget they bring it on.
Tod Pierece said about this IPhone

“The iPhone is a watershed event in mobile computing for corporations. Our experience with it has shown its potential to be the most useful business mobility tool we’ve ever used.”

So what you can say …
If you see many video’s about PC and mac like “Hi, I’m a PC” and “Hi, I’m a Mac” it looks like war :)

Play Your Game in Mac

Macbook Pro was my second Notebook after Toshiba that now already broken :(. The daily work as a web designer and managed several blog that contain wordpress themes and some other topics. There were a time when we get bored towards the routine work in our life. Games was one of the alternatives agains the stress that I use to. Mac gamesbecame the perfect choices because I use Macbook Pro. Actually there were two kinds game that usually played which is strategy like Tribal Trouble, Universal Soccer Manager and the Arcade like the Supernova.

I was still not an expert with mac games, because till now I’m using Windows as main operating system for playing game of course ;) There are Many PC games that has been finished both strategy and arcade like Need For Speed and Age of Empires.