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  • How To Fix PocketMoney iPhone App Sync

    PocketMoney is my currently app to manage my finance. This app have nicely UI and many feature inside. Before using PocketMoney, I’ve tested Expenditure (too simple) and Money 5 / iBearMoney (too complicated and buggy). Like on MoneyWell, PocketMoney have Desktop Apps too. The Desktop Application much cheaper (19$) than MoneyWell ($49.99). Main problem that […]

  • How To Fix WordPress 2.6 Missing Categories

    A friend of mine got a problem with his newly upgrade Wordpress (2.6.2) that is missing categories. The problem occured randomly. If the categories showed correctly and then he clicked it, there was no post assosiated (404 Not Found). Thanks to Google. There are so many people faced the same problem and they have solutions also. Funponsel.com gave a quick solution to fix the problem. You just need to run this query:

    UPDATE wp_term_taxonomy,wp_terms SET wp_term_taxonomy.description = wp_terms.name WHERE wp_term_taxonomy.term_id = wp_terms.term_id
    You may also check other solutions if the solution above is not working.