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  • GMail Update: Better Ads in Gmail

    GMail it currently become my favorite email, I use GMail almost everyday, with GMail I can handle thousand email easily. On the next GMail update, GMail will introduce Better Ads, I didn’t know what’s it mean. But you can check this Better Ads in GMail Video More details about Better Ads in GMail you can […]

  • Call Phones on GMail

    GMail added new features, now you can call you phones with you GMail. Logging into your web browser GMail activated this services and try call you phones. This features is amazing, regarding this GMail Official blog, about new services. This is what GMail official blog said Calls to the U.S. and Canada will be free […]

  • A Gift from Google: Push Gmail Support

    Google Sync: Now with push Gmail support, Google is Super Company, they development so many useful things for us. Google Search, Google Maps, GMail and many more, in few years, google try to play around on Mobile Community, They introduce some tools to make your mobile internet much easy and useful. They has released Google […]

  • Gmail With Multiple POP Clients

    I got a complain from email user that they did not receive email from some of their contact. I guessed it must be caused by spam filter in the mail server. I hosted company’s email at ISP. ISP’s webmail also did not have a Bulk folder, so email suspected as spam will be permanently deleted. Therefore I move all emails to GMail and use their Google Application service. The problem came when I need to access email from several mail clients. They did not receive all messages, only a part of it. The solution can be achieved from help center. For a short, you just need to set POP username from: [email protected] to recent:[email protected] and set leave all messages in the server. “Recent:” prefix is to fetches the last 30 days of mail, regardless of whether it’s been sent to another POP client already.

  • I really Love GMail

    Recently when I checked my GMail account there are something new, maybe not a great enhanced feature but I really like it. They change URL structure to make user more easy to understand and of course to remember. I made two screen shots on GMail’s new URL. How about you? Do you like it too?

  • GMail Old and New

    Recently when I checked on my GMail account, I found something new, GMail was redesign/tweak some interface, and in this post I will show you some of them, I will compare between old version and new version. New GMail contact interface more clearer and better navigation. New GMail actions more smoother The New Background Info […]