Some of The Best iPhone and iPad Apps That You Must Have

One side benefit that we can now use the iPhone or iPad certainly there at ease. And this easiness can be derived from the application that you embed in your gadget. Of course you do not want to miss some of the following applications. Although it does not require you to have it but these … Continue reading Some of The Best iPhone and iPad Apps That You Must Have

Download Google Translate for iPhone

There so many Translate Apps for iPhone, free and paid available. Mostly using Google Translate API. But now Google has been released official Google Translate Apps. You can download it for free. I was download Google Translate and here is my quick review. Google Translate Apps interface really simple just like Google. This is why … Continue reading Download Google Translate for iPhone

MoneyWell for iPhone

You can Download MoneyWell for iPhone using AppStore or iTunes. Please notes, I have tested so many Finance Appls for iPhone, from very simple apps trough very complex  apps. I have tested Expenditure a very simple apps as Finance App and very complex apps such as Money (previously iBearMoney). Now, I currently use PocketMoney and … Continue reading MoneyWell for iPhone

Apple Hottest Apps of 2010

Apple Inc. was released some list Hottest Apps of 2010. There are three categories on this list. Overall Top 10 Paid iPhone Apps, Overall Top 10 Free iPhone Apps and Overall Top 10 Grossing iPhone Apps. Apple has specifically chosen to highlight Hipstamatic, Angry Birds, Flipboard and Plants v.s. Zombies on the Rewind main page. … Continue reading Apple Hottest Apps of 2010