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  • 2 Aplikasi Keren Android dan iOS Minggu ini

    2 Aplikasi Keren Android dan iOS Minggu ini

    Smartphone saat ini, khususnya Android dan iOS hampir memiliki kesamaan, maksudnya dalam hal pengembang pihak ketiga. Misalnya ada Path Android ada Path iOS. Dan kalau di dua Sistem Operasi Mobile tersebut kedua aplikasi itu sudah eksis dan mendapatkan angin segar. Biasanya akan mengembangkan di Platform lain di Windows Phone atau BlackBerry misalnya. The Most Recent […]

  • Water Damaged Phone? What to Do

    Water Damaged Phone? What to Do

    One of the most common accidents with mobile phones is dropping them in water and unfortunately in many cases mobile phone insurance policies fail to cover for water damage. That’s why it’s useful to know exactly what to do in case your phone falls in water. Fortunately Geek Squad is here to help you through […]

  • How to Scan Documents and Email it by iPhone

    For those of you which is as office workers, must sometimes faced with a situation where you have to immediately send a copy of the document to the client’s. With the demands of the time, we should be able to utilize existing tools. Especially for those of you who have an iPhone, then you don’t […]

  • Instagram For Android v1.0.2 New Upadate

    Good news for android user, a few days ago Instagram application of Burbn, Inc officially released for android smartphone. Instagram has been long awaited by the android user. Because there is only the beginning of this Instagram on the iPhone IOS operating system. Instagram name comes from an understanding of the overall function of this […]

  • Facebook Released a New Version of its iPad application v4.1.1

    The famous Social Networking Service “Facebook” yesterday released a new version of its iPad application, which adds support for the retina display on the new iPad. And this Social Networking which is operated and privately owned by Facebook Inc, fix some bugs found in previous versions, and added support for eight new languages.

  • iPhone Explorer Apps – Manage Your iPhone

    Making changes to files stored on a USB removable media or known familiar with USB flash drives are usually easy to do without a complicated process because the user can directly browse the files through Windows Explorer. This Ease what can be presented Explorer iPhone application presented to the user’s iPhone. This application is able […]

  • Some of The Best iPhone and iPad Apps That You Must Have

    One side benefit that we can now use the iPhone or iPad certainly there at ease. And this easiness can be derived from the application that you embed in your gadget. Of course you do not want to miss some of the following applications. Although it does not require you to have it but these […]

  • Free iPad Games: Zen Pinball, The Games you should try

    Speaking of games, of course there will be no end, because it always will be popping those games that makes us interested. A few days ago I found an interesting pinball game. it’s called Zen Pinball. Some of you would have never played this game, but for those of you who do not know about […]