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  • Apple releases iOS 5.0.1 with battery fixes, bug fixes and more

    Thursday November 10th, is a special day for Apple users. Why? Because, on Thursday Apple has released their first update to the new IOS Version 5, IOS 5.0.1. The update from Apple includes multitasking gestures for the original iPad, bug fixes with Documents in the Cloud and improved voice recognition for Australian users. The largest […]

  • Gmail App began to be used through your iPhone

    Happy news again comes from Google, the company is as tireless in expanding its market reach. This time iPhone users and other iOS can be encouraged, this is because now Google apps have already been made ​​available for iOS like Google Voice and Google Maps. According to TechCrunch’s MG Siegler the app has already been […]

  • Samsung Win the title World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer

    The title of World’s Top-selling Smartphone Manufacturer have moved from Apple to Samsung. The Wall Street Journal reporting that citing a reliable source claiming that Samsung has shipped more than 20 million smartphone units to its consumer as compared to Apples shipments of 17.1 million iPhone units for Q3, 2011. Samsung officially announces its financial […]

  • Apple officially get 3D Mapping Company C3 Technologies

    Based on the news we get from 9to5Mac’s. Apple was indeed the buyer of the 3D mapping company Called C3 Technologies. C3 Technologies is a popular Swedish 3D Mapping Company which has been sold out to some tech giants in July. C3 Technologies made a big splash at CES 2011 when it began demoing its […]

  • How to Make Apple iCloud Work On Windows PCs

    iCloud (the successor to MobileMe) is a cloud storage and cloud computing service from Apple Inc. announced on June 6, 2011 at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The service allows users to store data such as music files on remote computer servers for download to multiple devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, and personal […]

  • iPhone Microscope Shoots Incredible Pictures

    There’s always an interesting thing from Apple. Both in technology, features, speed, and the OS is very satisfactory. The next surprise comes from the spectroscopic / microscopic upgrade the iPhone’s camera pics. This is an additional feature embedded on your iPhone so that it can take of a microscopic images.

  • Apple has announced that iPhone 4S First Weekend Sales Top Four Million at Cupertino

    This weekend a special moment for the company Apple. If we spend time with family holiday excursion fatherly, Apple still continues to count his income. Just for information Apple is an American multinational corporation that designs and markets consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The company’s best-known hardware products include the Macintosh line of […]

  • Apple negotiating with Hollywood to add movies to the iCloud service

    The latest news coming from Apple’s well-known companies. Who at the time not long ago led to the phenomenal iPhone 4S. We certainly have been familiar with products made ​​by Apple is famous for its quality. As already mentioned in previous posts that Latest Rightware BrowserMark Test, iPhone 4S Beat any Smartphone. And now Apple […]

  • How to use Air Playit to Stream Video & Audio to iPad, iPhone

    Streaming app is not a new topic now. But it is still a hot item many developers dedicated to, such as this one, released by Digiarty Software, named Air Playit. Actually I have encounters a few apps on iTunes App store that can stream video and audio files from PC/Mac to iPhone, iPad. But most […]