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How To Show Hidden Files in Finder OS X Lion, Snow Leopard

Recently we got problem on my colleague USB Disk, because some viruses on their Windows Operating System made all data on the USB become invisibles, so I try to solve the problem. Now we will share it how to show hidden files in Finder OSX Lion and Snow Leopard easily.

Max OS X Lion

Max OS X Lion

Finder default configuration is Hidden all Invisibles files in Finder, we need to tweak it to enable to show all invisibles files on it. So, let’s move on. To do this step we need little bit to know using Terminal. Let’s move on, open Terminal App on your OS X Lion or Snow Leopard and write down this code
[sourcecode language=”html”]defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE[/sourcecode]

After you did this step, you need to relaunch the Finder by killing the app using this command
[sourcecode language=”html”]killall Finder[/sourcecode]

To hidden invisibles files again on your Finder you need to write this code
[sourcecode language=”html”]defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE[/sourcecode]

And dont’ forget to relaunch the Finder again using command
[sourcecode language=”html”]killall Finder[/sourcecode]
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